About e-Basta


In line with the government's Digital India initiative, this project has created a framework to make school books accessible in digital form as e-books to be read and used on tablets and laptops. The main idea is to bring various publishers (free as well as commercial) and schools together on one platform. In addition to the portal, a back-end framework to facilitate the organization and easy management of such resources has also been made, along with the web based applications that can be installed on tablets for navigating the framework.

The framework, implemented as a portal, brings together three categories of stakeholders: the publisher, the school and the student. It provides them with the following primary functionalities:


Publisher: Upload e-Content along with the meta-data covering class, language, subject, price, preview pages, etc. Prepublication content can also be uploaded for review and these will not available for download. Publisher can also view comments and ratings given by the users of the portal, as well as download-statistics of the various e-Contents.


School: Schools, typically through authorized teachers, can access the portal to compile resources for each class as per their preference. After browsing through the e-Contents uploaded by various publishers and searching for the right contents, the school may organize them into a hierarchical e-Basta. One can create an e-Basta from scratch or modifying by another e-Basta existing on the portal. Every e-Basta is assigned a unique name, which may be given to students so that they may download the e-Basta on their own.


Students: Students can come to the portal to download a prescribed e-Basta or explore e-Bastas and e-Contents available on the portal and download those that they need. If the set of contents to be downloaded includes paid resources, they will be taken to a payment portal to complete the payment. Then they will be given access to download the contents. In the case of e-Basta, they are expected to use the e-Basta App to access the contents.


E-Basta App

The e-Basta App, downloadable from the portal, runs on any Android tablet. It can access the e-Basta created using the portal, and render it for easy navigation by the student. The content considered by the App is as defined by the teacher/school in the e-Basta framework, irrespective of what resources are on the SD card or storage. The App can be invoked by clicking .EBS file associated with an e-Basta. The background colour, logo, etc., can be customized through the portal.




  • Teacher can choose and bundle content according to their teaching preferences.
  • A rich variety of resources are available including animations, audio books and videos.
  • Faster access to updated editions of contents.
  • Aid school with lesser teaching resources to gain from the resources of better schools.



  • Reduce the burden of physical books
  • Easy access to structured resources created by the school
  • Long-term reduction in cost
  • Access to a richer variety of resources including animations, audio books and videos.
  • Access to e-Bastas of other schools.