General Queries

What kind of device will I need to use the eBasta?

You can use the eBasta from any android based tablet, mobile phone, etc via eBasta App. The App is available for free download from the portal.

What kind of device will I need to access the eBasta Portal?

You can access the eBasta portal over the web using any popular browser, from your desktop or tablet or mobile.

How can a teacher inform students to pick up a particular eBasta?

Teacher can give the name of the eBasta. The basta names are unique. The student can search for that eBasta on eBasta portal and then download it. A number of other attributes are also available for a basta, which can also be used for search if needed.

How do I search my eBook?

The “Search e-Content” menu allows you to select your eBook based on the search criteria like class, subject, language and format.

How do I create an account?

e-Basta portal allows the publisher and the teacher to create an account. Click on the “Register” link at the top of e-Basta home page and choose the option either "publisher" or "teacher". Take a few moments to fill out the proper forms and you’ll have a registered account.