Using e-Basta

What is a eBasta?

A "eBasta" is compilation of "eContent" organised in a hierarchical fashion. Typically a eBasta will be compiled by a School or a teacher using eContent provided by popular publishers.

What are advantages of a eBasta?

Concept of an eBasta was envisaged to reduce the burden of school bag of students and provide ease of access from anywhere. Teachers choose the best of eContent from different sources, and make it available at one click. The content in an eBasta is not limited to books, it can also contain videos, animations, etc. An eBasta can be moved from one device to another, easily.

Which type of eContent, can a eBasta contain?

eContent can be a eBook (textbook chapter or entire book) or Animation or Video.

What is cost of a eBasta?

Cost of a eBasta is the total cost of the eContent it contains. Some eContents are free, while some have cost associated with it. Cost of the eBasta changes accordingly. You pay this cost at the time of downloading an ebasta.

How can I purchase a eBasta?

Your school teacher/school will inform you about the relevant eBasta name. You can search for the required eBasta and then purchase the eBasta. You can also browse the available eBastas and purchase the desired eBasta. The purchased e-bastas are available for download into your reading device.